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Test-Spelling (0.11) ****

A fine spell-checker for POD except it relies upon the system having the 'spell' program. It also seems stop-words have to be included in the document being tested, and cannot be specified by the test itself.

Test-Spelling (0.11) *****

Every module writer should use this. I can think of nothing more embarrassing than seeing one's spelling mistakes and typos in CPAN -- well I can think of more embarrassing things but I would be too embarrassed to describe them. It would be nice if it could see what spell checking programs were available and pick them in order of preference. Also some explanation of how to customize it for different languages (or if this is even necessary) would be nice.

Test-Spelling (0.10) *****

This highly useful module parses out your POD, filters out Perl-specific words, and pipes the rest to aspell/ispell/etc. Any unknown words are reported as Test::More errors. The vast majority of the work is done by Pod::Spell, but this module puts a supremely useful wrapper on it.

My only complaint is that the documentation lacks discussion about how to flag words to ignore on a per-file basis. The easy answer is to put a line like the following at the BEGINNING of the POD:

=for stopwords xyzzy quux CPAN