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Test-Simple (0.98) *****

Everyone uses Test::More, it's excellent.

You might want to check out Test::Simpler too, if you just need to compare numbers and strings.

Test-Simple (0.98) *****

This is a very good module - and a must for every one considering doing Test-Driven-Development with Perl.

Test-Simple (0.96) *****

If you're looking to start writing automated tests, look no further, this is the de facto standard and deservedly so.

Installing this module via Test::Most will get you other goodies that you'll probably want soon, if not immediately.

If you prefer xUnit/OO style tests, you can use Test::Class on top of Test::More.

Test-Simple (0.94) *****

How can you not love Test-Simple?

Test-Simple (0.80)

BKB: An inconsistent review can very well be unhelpful. If you speak highly of a module in the text but rate it poorly numerically, you are being confusing at best and duplicitous at worst. Either quality merits "unhelpful" in my view.

Test-Simple (0.78) *****

Probably the only way I'd ever be able to ship a new major version of my program is by using the Test::More module. I went from 0 to 5,000+ tests in a little more than a year. Cheers have to be given.

Test-Simple (0.98) ****

When you write a new process, module, class, interface, method, function, subroutine, program or script, you need to know it works. As the project grows, things almost invariably and inevitably need refactoring. Test::More provides a simple but powerful way of writing test scripts to ensure the integrity of your code through this passage.

Simple and more complex comparative assertions such as "is", "isnt", "is_deeply", and simple integrity checks such as "ok" and "isa_ok" produce a standard output, compatible with the older Test module, as well as the Test::Harness.

If you haven't tried this module, you really ought to give it a go: the clear and friendly tutorial can almost guarantee that you will be happily using the module on production code within the day, and within a week you will see your productivity improve no end.

It used to irk me that the error reporting read "...called at file.t line 248" which differed from the default perl output for (apparently) no good reason, and messed up all my editors; but that small price to pay has now been remedied by the helpful, if somewhat less than graceful, author.

Test-Simple (0.47) *****

This is almost certainly my most-used distribution. Everything I write that is more complex than a few-liner gets a test or two (or more), and almost all my tests start with Test::More. The interface is straightforward (although a few sub names are slightly confusing) and the tutorial is just right. Learning to use Test::More is a prerequisite for any serious Perl programmer.

Test-Simple (0.47) *****

The foundation of all recent Perl test libraries. Simple. Flexible. Nice design. Everybody should use it.
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