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Test-Reporter (1.38) *****

Author (Adam J. Foxson) is very responsive.

Test-Reporter (1.34) **

The modules does exactly what it says it does.

Unfortunately, with the entire infrastructure of CPAN test report transport hanging on top of this one module, I find it utterly ridiculous that in this day and age our only option for test result transport is as flakey, unreliable and difficult to secure transport as email.

For example, test reporting on a laptop requires different SMTP MTA setups in different physical locations or your own public mail server, ISPs often firewall outbound SMTP, Windows SMTP can be troublesome, SMTP is not something that can be easily auto-configured and "Just Work" for ordinary users without poking and prodding.

As long as Test::Reporter (the sole module responsible for test transport) continues to implement a transport that isn't so kludgy (for example HTTP), brilliant modules like CPAN::Reporter will remain crippled and unable be able to live up to their full potential.


A few people have asked why such a low score when it works. To clarify, in the current testing system this module is SOLELY responsible for transport. By continuing to stick to only SMTP, I consider this module to be fundamentally failing this responsibility.

Despite working code, the module is not currently fit for task, hence the score. Once resolved, I will be the first to cheer for this module.

Test-Reporter (1.34)

While I share Adam's ranting about SMTP being the only protocol for sending testers reports, I don't see why this should result in a low rating for Test::Reporter. This module does exactly what it should: sending testers reports over the only channel the current CPAN infrastructure provides, and it seems to do it well, looking at the tens of thousand reports at www.nntp.perl.org/group/perl.cpan.tes...

Test-Reporter (1.57) *****

With so many CPAN modules duplicating so much functionality, and so many operating systems with so many idiosyncracies, the CPAN Testers provide an invaluable time-saving service by reporting on potential install problems and OS compatabilities.

Sending test reports has always been easy, if you could take the time to find, configure, and sometimes port, the cpantest script, tucked-away as it was on the cpan.org site.

Test::Reporter wraps this script in documentation and places it where it has long-deserved to be.

The next stage is, hopefully, to have it distributed as part of the default module set, and configured with all installs of the language.

Perhaps the module might better have been named Test::Reporter::SMTP, so that those who detest e-mail as a transport mechanism would be free to implement their own modules to a Test::Reporter API.

Test-Reporter (1.20) ****

This module supplies the 'cpantest' binary, which makes it incredibly easy to submit test results to the CPAN testers project. I think the documentation could be a little more explicit, providing a direct example of the process, but it's still quite reasonable to figure out as it is.

I look forward to this tool being more widely used, so we can better guage the overall quality of modules on CPAN.