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Test-Prereq (1.037) *****

Invaluable tool and useful in the command line form especially. It's a shame it comes up with a lot of false positives (for example modules in the test area - even those that have skip logic in them).

Edit: I realize that is does support exclusions so you could make it one of your standard tests.

Test-Prereq (1.036) *****

Excellent way to stop uploading incomplete modules to CPAN. The setup is quick, 2 lines in a file.

It's slow so I only run it before uploading modules but it is worth every seconds you wait for the results.

Test-Prereq (1.027) ***

This could be a great quality-control tool for module authors, although it is a bit slow in running its tests.

One complaint I have is that I'm not able to get the Build.PL checking tool to work properly, based on the examples. But that's a minor issue since I have the Build generate the Makefile.PL anyway.

Another is (on Windows anyway) is that it chokes on some modules and blocks on input from STDIN. This is a serious-enough bug that I've stopped using it.