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Test-Pod-Coverage (1.08) *****

Excellent module, which helps me to have my POD up to date.
If some wrong-hand-placed guy uses it incorrectly, it is not a problem of this module. Please add bad rate to these 378 dists, not for Test::Pod::Coverage.

Test-Pod-Coverage (1.08)

Message to all Perl module authors: could you please disable Pod coverage tests when you distribute a module through CPAN?

First of all, as other reviewers note, the above module is difficult to set up and run, and so including these tests in your distribution will make your module fail to install on some people's systems. This will reduce the number of people who can use your module.

Second of all, this module is only useful for module authors, to check that your documentation matches the actual module. Your module's end-users do not need to run these tests.

Test-Pod-Coverage (1.08) ****

I echo the other positive reviews: this module is a real boon to developers. As one's code grows over time, it's all too easy to let gaps creep into the documentation. Fortunately, Test::Pod::Coverage makes finding these gaps a cinch.

However, given the challenges associated with installing this module, I can only recommend it to the serious Perl developer. The rather complex chain of module and configuration dependencies often causes an installation of Test::Pod::Coverage to break under the CPAN shell. This is due to its indirect dependence on ExtUtils::CBuilder et al., which in turn are only optional prerequisites of Module::Build.

Test-Pod-Coverage (1.08) *****

This is one of those modules that I always forget about until it saves my butt. I put a pod-coverage.t in all my distributions (actually, Module::Starter does that for me) and from then on, before I release a module, I'm reminded if I've written code that has no documentation.

I never have to think about it, it just tells me when I've made a mistake, and then I fix it. That's a nice kind of tool.

Test-Pod-Coverage (1.06) *****

I now use this in all my modules. It's simple, well-documented, it actually works (which is always good), and, without any other action on your part, months later, it will catch a glitch in your documentation that you might never had realized otherwise.
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