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Test-Mock-LWP (0.06) **

The mocked object doesn't pass the isa test, requiring workarounds when an "isa => 'LWP::UserAgent" constraint in place. See my post on mocking LWP::UserAgent: hashbang.ca/?p=488

As well, The interface is... clunky, compared to Test::Mock::LWP::Dispatch.

Test-Mock-LWP (0.05) ****

This is a very simple module, but very helpful. It does gives you the basic components to get you started with faking LWP::UserAgent, HTTP::Request, and HTTP::Response, but this minimum implementation does the majority of the Test::MockObject work you need to do web testing. Without this module, I'd have to do this work over and over again.

Test-Mock-LWP (0.04) *

The documentation neglects to explain how to use the module.