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Test-LongString (0.09) *****

Contains string functions rather like the the 'eq' 'ne' 'like' and similar used by Test::* modules, but LongString's operate without outputting all of the string, so tests are easier to read.

I regularaly (at times, every minute, for hours on end) have to perform simple tests on large (>1 MB) multi-line docs, and until I learnt of this module, I spent a lot of time scrolling and using my editors 'find' feature. Test::LongString makes life a lot more pleasant, which definitely earns 5/5.

Test-LongString (0.09) *****

Works great, and is used by other testing modules like Test::WWW::Mechanize, which uses it to test web page content.

Test-LongString (0.05) *****

If you're doing any sort of testing of long and/or binary data items, you need Test::LongString to make the diagnosis of failures easier.