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Test-HTTP-Server (0.03) **

This module is useful only for testing that a client makes a request to the server. Nothing else.

The documentation is not very good. I had to look at the source code

After some fiddling and reading the source code, I figured out how to test form parameters. You have to get the $self->{body} and decode it. Since it's not documented, I'm not sure if I can trust that it will be there in future versions. Convenience methods for checking arguments would be nice.

There's also no interface to Test::Builder, so it's a pain to call Test::Builder methods from within your request handlers. (Understandably, this is messy because it forks with a new copy of the handlers.)

Test-HTTP-Server (0.03) ****

This is a handy little tool for testing modules that need to be on the client side of an HTTP transaction.

However, it sadly doesn't currently run on Windows (except cygwin), so you need to remember to check the platform in your test script, and skip_all if it's Windows.

Test-HTTP-Server (0.03) *****

This module is great. I don't think I'm ever going to mock an HTTP response again.