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Test-Exception-LessClever (0.006) *

This module has outlived its usefulness -- Test::Exception has been fixed, so it is better to either use that, or use Test::Fatal which is a lighter approach to the same general problem.

This module should be deprecated and removed.

Test-Exception-LessClever (0.001)

In response to نديم الخمير

Immediately after writing less clever I emailed the author of the original, we have not taken action yet, but the plan is to combine the functionality and make LessClever an option when using Test::Exception. One module, and a choice of which implementation at load.


Test-Exception-LessClever (0.001) *****

First, look at the documentation to understand why Test-Exception, the module this module was written to replace, is broken. Looking at the test reports for Test::Exception (search.cpan.org/~adie/Test-Exception-... one could believe that the author of Test::Exception::LessClever is exaggerating but he is not. I just upgrade my system perl to 5.10 and all my modules fail in Carp::Heavy with very weird messages like " Bizarre copy of HASH in sassign at /usr/lib64/perl5/5.10.1/Carp/Heavy.pm line 104".

Unfortunately Test::Exception::LessClever misses the target because:

1/ We don't need another module. We need Test::Exception::LessClever author to cooperate and propose patches to Test::Exception (please)

2/ The test directory of Test::Exception is three times bigger and I would have liked Test::Exception::LessClever to handle those tests (as much as possible) if it is to replace it.

3/ Although it is nice to not have weird Carp::Heavy error message, you will have to go through all your tests and change them to handle the new output (which is not as helpfull), IE:

# Wanted: (?-xism:long at t/004_diagnostics\.t line 30)
# Got: long at /usr/lib64/perl5/site_perl/5.10.1/Test/Exception/LessClever.pm line 81

On the other hand, a warning is displayed If a DESTROY method masks $@ in the evaluated code. looking at rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?i... may also be of interest.

I'd rather see this module disappear, although I salute his author for the work he has done, and see a solution in Test::Exception.

This module may already deserves a five star rating as it provides a temporary solution and may get the author of Test::Exception to rapidly provide an updated module.