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Test-Class (0.38) ****

Test::Class is very good, but you probably want to check the more recent Test::Routine.
It is based on Moose, has a Moose-based interface which makes it nicer to handle for Moose users, and it allows roles compositions for tests, which can make a significant difference.
It also has a good tutorial : Test::Routine::Manual::Demo.

Test-Class (0.36) *****

As a converted Java developer, this module is a very nice creature comfort.

Test-Class (0.31) *****

A good step up from Test::More allowing better organization of test files & encapsulation of individual tests. I formerly used Test::Unit, which is incompatible with Test::Builder, so Test::Class is a good find.

Test-Class (0.30) *****

Works as advertised, good mix of xUnit style with Test::Builder compatibility.

Test-Class (0.26) *****

An excellent tool for testing complex object-oriented code, especially where inheritance is in use.

The interface is based on the well-known xUnit style and will be reasonably familiar to programmers who have used jUnit, and similar tools. Test::Class mixes very nicely with non-xUnit tests so you do have to choose one way or the other.

Test-Class (0.24) *****

Test::Class made my collection of tests so much easier to understand, use, and extend. I can add tests for a new method now in a few minutes where they used to take me hours.

Test-Class (0.22) *****

I can't say enough good things about this module. Inherited tests, loading all of your classes once and only once (a nice little performance boost compared to multiple .t tests) and great documentation.

Also, if you have a large object-oriented hierarchy of code, Test::Class does an excellent job of allowing your test organization to match your code organization. No more staring at a long list of .t files and wondering which one has the code you want to test. Just check the corresponding test class for the code you're concerned about.

Test-Class (0.14) ****

Test::Class keeps getting better. Especially in 0.14, the ability to run specific tests via the TEST_METHOD environment variable is very useful. I use it extensively throughout my testing code. Thanks for a very perl-y OO test module.

Test-Class (0.11) ***

Good stuff - interesting talk at YAPC::EU , should be a real help if I ever need to test some real OO stuff , no need to relearn testing methods as it uses the standard Test:* ones

Bad Stuff - doesn't pass all its own tests against recent Test::Builder installs as the output format has changed,bugs created and patch available but no CPAN release

Test-Class (0.03) *****

Not often that i see such a beauty/well thought interface and documentation. Looking forward to use this module often.