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Template (1.21) *

This module has upset me. I thought I was getting Template.pm of Template-Toolkit; instead I get this template.pm.

Extremely rude to use someoneelse's namespace but in lowercase.

The author should seriously consider removing this module to another namespace.

Template (1.21) *

Even if the world needed another templating module, CPAN definitely didn't need one called 'Template'. To be honest I thought PAUSE stopped duplicate names from being uploaded.

Besides all that I don't have a clear idea what this 'Template' is supposed to do. The documentation doesn't really give a clear indication of how to use it.

template (1.11) *

I can't find a description of the template syntax or a simple
working example.
Module name is lowercase, this is bad.
Module name is almost the same as Template.pm. (Can this
work on Windows, for example?)
There is no testsuite (except the usual test created by h2xs).
I don't see any comments about the status of the module.
I don't see comments about what this module makes different/better than
other template modules.
I don't see strict and warnings. Unless your cpan-nick is dconway
or such, you should be using strict and warnings.

All these things together tell me: Don't use this module.

Suggestions: The name should be changed, so that we have first-uppercase and an own namespace.
We need a working example and a decent testsuite.

template (1.11) *

Two really big problems with this module. First, its name is lower-case which should be reserved only for pragmas. Second, the template name will confuse people with Template, the main module for Template Toolkit.