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String-Work (1.00) *

Actually, it's worse than just gilding as someone else just pointed out as the upper and lower methods explicitly only work on the ASCII alphabetic characters and do not respect locale settings as the builtins do.

String-Work (1.00) *

Doesn't appear to do anything that built-in language features don't already do better.

String-Work (1.00) *

The documentation does not explain all of the interface: for example, if you pass in arrayrefs, it acts on the first element in them.

The module says it requires 5.8.8, but seems do to nothing that didn't work in 5.0. It also dosn't do anything that isn't one line of code with core Perl.

String-Work (1.00) *

Is there any point to this module?

lc, uc, chomp and ucfirst all work just fine, this is gilding (I use the term very loosely here indeed) the lilly.

Worse still it isn't clear what the clean funcions do.

If you think you need this module, you probably ought to buy a book like Learning Perl or The Perl Cookbook, and avoid it.