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String-Strip (1.01) *

I used to use this module in a project of mine where I'd be trimming potentially millions of strings during a program run because I thought any possible speed up from XS wouldn't hurt.

However I have noticed a 2 grievous bugs in the software:

1. Strings longer than 8 characters seem to get mangled on a 64bit machine (

2. The tests actually fail, but the module STILL INSTALLS.

It is dangerous, and since it is long-unsupported I suggest staying away from it.

String-Strip (1.01)

Re the comments of the other two reviewers of the module:

#!/usr/local/bin/perl -wl
use strict;
use String::Strip;
my $test = " \ta b-c def g; * ";
my $test2 = $test;
print "<",$test,">";
StripSpace ($test);
print "<",$test,">";
print "$test2";
StripLTSpace ($test2);
print "<",$test,">";

$ ./
< a b-c def g; * >

a b-c def g; *

So it doesn't seem to work as advertised, but it doesn't seem to delete hyphens either.

String-Strip (1.01)

I have not used this module, but I have looked at the code and I do not see how the previous comment claiming that all non-alphanumeric characters will be removed can be correct unless there is something terribly wrong with that person's isspace implementation. The implementation looks correct to me.

String-Strip (1.01) **

Yes, this will remove ws, but unfortunately it's also removing hyphens, apresands, commas, and anything NOT alphanumeric. User be warned.