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String-String (0.01)

scott: @foo = qw/a b c/; my $x = join //, @foo; leaves 'a1b1c' in $x (1 being the value of // in scalar context). You probably want join '', @foo or maybe do { local $" = ''; "@foo" }; "@foo" or "@foo[1,2,4]" or "@hash{qw/key1 key2 key3/}"

String-String (0.01) ***

I found this because i was looking for elegant syantax for:

$_{ join //, @arr[0,1,4,7] }

I want an operator to say give me all the values in the array/list/slice/range, smushed together in a single string without a separatrix.

it's not much of a shortcut to say "string ( @foo )" when you can just say "join //, @foo"

Good try, though

String-String (0.01)

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