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String-Approx (3.26) ****

Have used this module for years; it has always worked well for me in providing basic approximate matching capabilities.

The other review seems a bit harsh. The module gets the job done, is maintained, has decent documentation and a test suite. The guts may not be pristine and not every single function may be UTF-8 clean, but I've seen a lot worse.

Plus it isn't like there are any alternatives for approximate matching modules, so go ahead and use it, it won't hurt.

String-Approx (3.27)

[Stale review deleted.]

String-Approx (3.26)

I don't see anything wrong with a program dieing on an error. It's just as easy to trap that with eval and respond as it is to check a return code. And if anything, it's *safer* to die if there's an error than to continue as if nothing's wrong.