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Smart-Comments (1.06)


Smart-Comments (1.0.4) *****

like Jesus but better. God I love Perl. Makes everything so easy. Thank you Smart::Comments. Thank you.

Smart-Comments (v1.0.3) *****

This is *indispensable* for developing in Perl for me! If I have no idea what's going on, I'll often work with the debugger. But if I've got a pretty good handle on what the script should be doing, I can throw a quick debugging comment out there and many times it saves time over stepping through the debugger--and finding those bits of code that just don't work the same inside the debugger (it happens).

While I'm working out the details, I typically dump out a value with a smart comment, and then exit the program.

One caveat for some who might find this a stopper, it's a Source Filter. If that doesn't bother you, it's a great tool as an alternative to not have to call in Data::Dumper everywhere and then write the print statement.

Smart-Comments (v1.0.3) *****

Not only is it useful for debugging, it's also wonderful for implementing scripts where you need a progress bar without going through any trouble.

Something simple like this:

for ( @my_items ) { ### Processing items ---> done

will give you a progress bar just like that.

Smart-Comments (v1.0.3)

Review deleted. [I'd rather add print statements actually.]

Smart-Comments (v1.0.2) *****

It makes it easy to setup dumping of variables and print statements.
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