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Shipwright (2.4.3) ***

Great concept, implementation and documentation still rough.

Shipwright (2.0.0) **

The documentation is sparse and feels incomplete. For example, from the CPAN listing you can't even see that it ships with a "shipwright" binary, because there is no POD in it. The source code points you to Shipwright::Script, which has no real documentation either. From there, you might try "Shipwright::Script::Help", but the only documentation for that is: "shipwright help COMMAND show help".

It appears that it would support additional backends besides SVN and SVK, but Shipwright::Backend provides no documentation of the API for adding a new backend.

I think Perl really needs this kind of packaging and deployment solution, and I'm glad some people are working on it and releasing it as open source. This one just doesn't feel ready yet.