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Search-WuManber (0.25)

In my tests, this is about the same speed as using a regular expression generated by list2re from Data::Munge or make_regex from my own module Convert::Moji, sometimes faster and sometimes slower. Here are a few typical results:

Data::Munge::list2re time: 0.188953876495361 #matches: 3365
Algorithm::AhoCorasick::XS time: 0.0855789184570312 #matches: 3365
Search::WuManber time: 0.353510141372681 #matches: 3365

Data::Munge::list2re time: 0.191490888595581 #matches: 3734
Algorithm::AhoCorasick::XS time: 0.0873630046844482 #matches: 3751
Search::WuManber time: 0.339526176452637 #matches: 3751

Data::Munge::list2re time: 2.37025308609009 #matches: 303173
Algorithm::AhoCorasick::XS time: 0.353744029998779 #matches: 308464
Search::WuManber time: 1.25165987014771 #matches: 308464

The script is available here:

The output search results are the same as those of Algorithm::AhoCorasick::XS, but that module is much faster than this one.

So far I've reported four bugs in the module and got no response so it may not be being maintained any more.

Given that it doesn't beat regexes, it has memory-related bugs, and has not been updated for years, I can't endorse this module.