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Search-Tools (0.23) *****

Peter is amazingly responsive and refreshingly receptive to bug reports and technical support.

This is something which is sorely lacking in the OSS world and some people could take a lesson or two from him.

Keep up the brilliant work Peter!

Search-Tools (0.22) *****

Amazingly underhyped. Search::Tools helped me knock out the results UI layer of a tiny custom search app in minutes.

I like the interface, and the way the system's constructed as a set of tools, each of which you can choose to use or ignore, giving the user full control.

All the pieces just work magically out of the box, and I love all the little touches to enhance backwards compatibility (e.g. Unicode transliteration).

Very highly recommended.

Search-Tools (0.07) *****

Search::Tools was an automatic fit for my needs. It made getting searched keyword easier. I do recommend the spell check feature as well.