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Schema-RDBMS-AUS (0.01) **

This distribution tries to provide an all-in-one solution for user, group, session, authentication and authorization handling in web applications. Such an all-in-one solution appeals to me, but I have trouble feeling better than so-so about this distribution it its current state.

It suffers from some issues I would expect from an 0.01 release, like missing documentation for the "login" method. However, it does contain a sizeable test suite.

I was interested to see that it used DBIx::Migration, another newer distro which looks interesting, but I was dismayed to find this meant that there were 19 seperate SQL scripts used to set up the schema! This seemed excessive, and made it difficult to browse the data model to get an overview of what was happening at that layer.

One concept concerted me: 'A "Group" is just a user with it's "is_group" flag set.' This looks me like it could lead to a muddled data model once users and groups have a few attributes of their own.

I think the most compelling part of the distribution is the logic developed around managing groups and permissions-- areas which seem less well covered by other modules.

I'd like to see this distribution evolve to focus on this in a way that's easy to integrate with solutions that already cover the rest of the features, such as CGI::Applications Authentication and Authorization plugins.