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SVN-Notify (2.75) *****

SVN::Notify is easy to setup and sends beautiful commit messages.

We recently converted a project to git and we miss a tool this good.

SVN-Notify (2.70) *****

It sends commit messages. You can make them pretty. You can configure the heck out of it. Is good.

SVN-Notify (2.66) *****

Replacing the standard commit emails with the ones from this module have made life a lot more pleasant. The ability to hyperlink based upon regex is really nice.

SVN-Notify (2.64) ****

This is a really useful tool that helps me keep track of what the rest of the team is doing. It does everything I need, and the author has been receptive to making it even easier to use.

SVN-Notify (2.64) *****

This is a great program. I haven't tried using it as a module, but that's because the included svnnotify program does everything I need. The best feature is that you can easily send mulitpart messages -- so developers using mutt to read their e-mail get legible text, and the managers using Thunderbird or Outlook get beautifully-formatted HTML mail.

It's also very easy to install; even on RedHat.

SVN-Notify (2.51) ****

Docs are a little sketchy - no mention of HTML::ColorDiff in the perldocs, for example.

Would be nice to have a sensible example post-commit example using the available features, eg

svnnotify --repos-path "$1" --revision "$2" \

--with-diff \

--svnlook /usr/bin/svnlook \

--user-domain \

--to \

--subject-prefix [SVN] \

--subject_cx \

--strip-cx-regex '^trunk/' \

--handler HTML::ColorDiff \

--svnweb-url 'myserver/websvn/listing.php?rev=%s'

ColorDiffs aren't quite as nice as cvsspam - it doesn't highlight differences within a line.

Otherwise very good - thanks a million!

SVN-Notify (2.48) *****

Extremely easy to set up, great documentation, and very useful output.

SVN-Notify (2.48) *****

Works exactly as advertised. The included svnnotify script just works when added to an SVN repo's commit hooks.
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