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SVK (v2.2.1) *****

I absolutely love svk. For me git is quite a bit too clunky. In my opinion, git makes stuff complicated for the user to make things easy for the branch manager.

Svk gives you all of the branch management features needed while the users stick with a familiar interface. In some cases, I just use svk for the branch management and the users continue using svn. They don't even know they are using a svk managed repository. NICE!

Gave it a 3 for documentation, but it definitely has everything you need to get started. It has a lot of dependencies and can be what some people call one of those tricky modules to install. But if you are a CPAN expert you'll have no trouble.

If it wasn't for svk my days would be a lot longer. Thanks svk team!

SVK (v2.0.2) *****

SVK makes subversion bearable. This is both a wonderful and a horrible thing.

Most places are using Subversion nowadays. Fortunately this trend has now stopped in favour of more novel systems, but the bottom line is you're more likely to have to use subversion than anything else.

SVK supports everything subversion does, and also adds disconnected operation and very good merging support.

The benefit is that it makes subversion almost as usable as a distributed system. For people who travel often or who make heavy use of branching it is a huge time saver.

The problem is that because SVK adds features on top of subversion instead of removing certain classes of features like purely distributed VCSs do, it has an extra layer of complexity to manage. This of course comes with usability and stability issues (most of which are rooted in subversion itself, so they are hard to fix).

So the bottom line is that SVK is about as good as it can be, within the limits of its subversion heritage. For when subversion is not necessary I prefer simpler tools.

SVK (v2.0.1) *****

SVK is to Subversion what Subversion is to CVS, as far as I'm concerned. If you're familiar with Subversion, you can start using SVK with practically no extra knowledge. Once you become familiar with how SVK works, it will be difficult to impossible to go back.

SVK (1.08) *****

svk is most useful piece of new software I've encountered in a very long time. I regularly work on my modules on my laptop in odd places, so I take a mirror of my Subversion repositories into local SVK repositories, and then when I can back to the connected universe, I upload my changes, and the Subversion repository is updated with each distinct change as logged in svk.

What's more, as daunting as it may seem at the outset to figure out how to get all this up and running, all you need to remember is 'svk help intro' and you have all you need to know. I have only been using it for a couple of months, but already I could not live without it.

My only regret with this review is that I can't wind the star button up to 11.
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