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SVG (2.50) *****

This module is a writer for SVG (scalable vector graphics). It takes Perl structures containing the SVG data which you want to write, and turns them into SVG for you.

It seems to be complete and effective and will save you the work of turning your data from Perl form into XML tags.

One note is that the top level namespace "SVG" doesn't seem necessary to me, I think it should have been "Image::SVG". Note that the mime type for SVG is image/svg+xml.

It doesn't read SVG in.

The documentation is very complete. Some of the links in the documentation are dead.

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SVG (2.33) *****

Superb documentation makes this extensive pure-Perl SVG-generating module a synch to pick up. Comes with examples, manual, and a good set of external links.

If a module must be in the root namespace, then this one thoroughly deserves it.