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Return-Value (1.302) *

This is a dreadful idea. I can say that freely because it was mine. Not only does it return objects that magically dereference in all sorts of clever ways, but it may return objects that are *false*!

Throwing an exception on failure is a much easier to manage practice, and will surprise and confuse fewer programmers. Returning objects or throwing exceptions that have useful methods for inspection is better than using these generic "any kind of data attached" objects.

Please don't use this module for new code.

Return-Value (1.302) *****

Great for simplifying error handling. I wish DBI had made use of something like this when it was being written.

Return-Value (1.1) *****

This is a really good module (4.5 stars) for adding diagnostic information to subroutine return values while still returning true/false booleans (using overloading).

It's easy to take existing code and add the use of this module to it.

The documentation is a little lacking in terms of functional calling style, so one needs to look at the synopsis and extrapolate.

The name Return::Value doesn't seem appropriate though.