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Religion-Islam-Quran (1.0) ****

It could save space by doing what BKB does upon install. Other than that, good module.

I could wish for a Religion::LDS::* module or modules along the same line, but knowing that, I'm not going to complain about this one actually being complete, working, and on CPAN!

Religion-Islam-Quran (1.0) *****

This module appears to provide legitimate functionality on a correct and neutrally-sourced data source that just happens to come bundled with the module.

I add my endorsement.

Religion-Islam-Quran (1.0)

This module offers various kinds of searches through the Koran/Quran.

The module contains the full text of the Koran in several languages including Arabic, installed into the Perl library space, which may not be the best choice of locations.

I've read the documentation and I've read the source code, and browsed through all the files, and I haven't seen anything resembling any kind of propaganda in it. It's no different from the modules like "Religion::Bible::*".

One criticism of the module is that it seems like the author is not too clear on Perl's powerful encoding abilities since converting the windows-1256 text version of the Koran (QuranArabic.txt) into the Unicode file also offered (QuranArabicUnicode.txt) is a doddle:

use Modern::Perl;
open my $input, "<:encoding(windows-1256)", "QuranArabic.txt" or die $!;
binmode STDOUT, "utf8";
while (my $line = <$input>) {

for my $char (split //, $line) {

my $num = ord($char);

if ($num > 0x80) {

print "&#$num;";

} else {

print $char;


close $input or die $!;

I just about squeezed this into a one-liner (90 characters long):

perl -MEncode -ne'for$i(split//,decode("cp1256",$_)){$n=ord$i;$i="&#$n;"if$n>128

This exactly reproduces the file QuranArabicUnicode.txt in the distribution, so why not save five megabytes?

Religion-Islam-Quran (1.0) *****

I agree with Stevan. We have jokes on the CPAN, why not serious stuff?

Religion-Islam-Quran (1.0) *****

This is an attempt to cancel out the insanely ignorant review by Jenda Krynicky.
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