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Regexp-Debugger (0.001020) ****

good module, thanks Domian
multiline regexp
where I can put path to file

Regexp-Debugger (0.001011) *****

mad evil genius

Regexp-Debugger (0.001008) ****

This is a fantastically useful tool. A couple of minor UI improvements in the rxrx command line tool would make it even better

* command line history to make it easier to fix buggy regexps. luckily, rlwrap works with rxrx

* documenting all of the keyboard sequences in the online help

Regexp-Debugger (0.001005) *****

Regexp::Debugger does a great job of illustrating how the regex engine actually does matching. It can help visualize the execution, helping programmers see and fix inefficiencies. For programmers new to regex, it's a great learning tool too.

Hundreds of kudos to Damian!
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