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Regexp-Common (2.120) ***

I needed a handy Regexp to strip some comments from a JavaScript program and found them here. Works great. My only concern (without looking at the module internals) is that I've got a lot of unused Regexp's for other comment types sitting in memory that I just don't need (40+ languages).

Alas, I tried using it for matching URIs and was dissatisfied. I can understand that it doesn't recognize unusual URI types, such as doi or svn, but it doesn't recognize https or ftps. Yuck.

Regexp-Common (2.120) ****

Regexp::Common::profanity does not catch half the naughy English words I fed it, and can't be extended to cope with them. It would have been nice to know this before installing and testing, but I guess a list of naughty words in the POD is asking a bit much.

Not sure why the regular expressions are not created with qr// ...

Regexp-Common (2.120) ****

Don't reinvent the wheel of regexes. A must to have in his own Perl toolbox or module.

Regexp-Common (2.120) ****

This is a very useful module-- I integrated support for it into Data::FormValidator.

However, the overly comprehensive test suite is a pain to wait for. My impression is that the tests go beyond testing this project, and are re-validating that the underlying regular expression of Perl actually works. That seems unnecessary. While I'm for comprehensive testing, I think some simpler is possible here.

Regexp-Common (2.113) *****

A great module for helping us avoid the need to work out these complex regular expressions over and over. If you need/want to use a regular expression to determine if that's a valid IP address, or if this form has any profanity you can, it's easy.

I think the documentation tends to waffle on a bit too much and it's tempting to skim over it trying to find what you're looking for only to realise that the example you're looking at is completely different to what you thought it was.
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