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RTF-Parser (1.09) **

The good news is that this module does something I need, I use it all the time, and I'm grateful that it exists. It seems like this garden could use some more tending, though. In particular, version 1.07 doesn't build on my vanilla linux box via the CPAN interface, so I need to search out 1.09 (which is listed as not ready for prime time on CPAN) and build by hand.

RTF-Parser (1.09) *

Please be careful using this module. In most cases it changes the $ENV{PATH}. It was really hard to find this:

if ($OS=~/Win/i) {

} elsif ($OS=~/vms/i) {

$OS = 'VMS';
} elsif ($OS=~/Mac/i) {

} elsif ($OS=~/os2/i) {

$OS = 'OS2';
} else {

$ENV{'PATH'} = '/bin:/usr/bin';

$OS = 'UNIX';

$LOG_CMD = "| sort -d "; #$LOG_FILE";

Further I had problems with infinite loops. The module never returned. The author did not reply to my questions.

RTF-Parser (1.09) *

I've only used RTF::TEXT::Converter attempting to convert a Greek RTF to text and it simply does not do the job. Worse, it doesn't even handle Unicode characters (\uN), which do not pose any language detection or encoding problems.

RTF-Parser (1.07) ***

My exposure to this module is solely through the rtf2html utility. It only supports a subset of RTF and makes pretty bad looking HTML, but it works and makes readable, if ugly, documents.

There is NO documentation for this module other than a few lines of README!