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Pod-POM-Web (1.20) *****

Of the Pod viewers I tried, this one works the best. It found all the modules I have locally installed, and displayed all the pod I tried it with. It displays encoded UTF-8 as well.

The display could be improved. Navigating involves clicking on some tiny boxes containing a plus, with the list of modules expanding up and down the left hand side, and the formatted pod on the right hand side is done in a rather garish colour scheme with very small fonts used for example code.

It would also be nice if the 1990s frames could be removed in favour of a navigation bar and the ability to link to a local copy of a particular document.

The requirement for the user to install a complex search module in order to be able to jump directly to the local CPAN module documentation, instead of enabling javascript and clicking lots of tiny boxes is absurd, in my opinion. For my local Perl module documentation "server", I just made a CGI script which prints a form then substitutes :: with / and prints a redirect to the appropriate page of Pod::POM::Web.

Pod-POM-Web (1.20) *****

Over the years I have lived with various Pod browsers. They all had shortcomings (navigation confusing, navigation slow, too much index detail, too little, ugly CSS, no CSS, it just died on me, …).

So finally I'm delighted to have found Pod-POM-Web;- (a) it just worked out of the box, with none of the above problems (b) it has found me stuff I never knew I had, and taught me useful things.

Declaration of interest; I have no connection whatsoever with the author of Pod-POM-Web

Competence: I'm a lambda user

Pod-POM-Web (1.08) *****

Pod::POM::Web is a welcome addition to a the perl developer's toolbox

If you have used ActiveState distributions, this will remind you of the documentation AS installs.

I noticed the following:

Display is a tad slow. getting stuff from perldoc.perl.org is faster than from my local box

Clicking on a module name that has sub modules centers the module in the "tree" window, next click displays the module. This is not an error but I find it disturbing.

It doesn't look as good as perldoc.perl.org or search.cpan.org

I have been testing Pod::POM::Web with a local server and it dies without explanation (happened a few times).

Still, I'm looking forward to more releases of this module.

Pod-POM-Web (1.03) *****

Pod-POM-Web is an on-the-fly HTML interface to all of the Perl modules installed on the local machine. Think of it like a subset of search.cpan.org on your computer, but much faster.

This is a fantastic module. It's kind of like App::Ack: it's the tool I hadn't realized I was missing until I tried it.

The author has been very responsive to the minor bugs I've reported. The code is tight yet readable.

Pod-POM-Web (1.01) *****

This is a functionality I've been waiting for for a long time and which I think may be very useful. And after some minor installation issues it comes up to all expactations.
Documentation is maybe a little scarce yet.
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