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Plack (1.0012) ****

A breath of fresh air in web development with Perl.

Plack (0.9986) *****

So happy that Perl finally has a server-independent web layer! Life is much easier now for the web framework creators among us.

Plack (0.9981) *****

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa has gifted Perl developers with a tool that simply works - and works beautifully.

I have been using Plack for a while now and can attest to the stability of the programs that take advantage of it.

If you haven't yet tried Plack and PSGI, do yourself a favor - you won't regret it.

Plack (0.9026) *****

Now this exists it's obvious that it needs to exist... why didn't we work out it needed to exist a long time ago?

Fantastic work and as commented below useful for debugging/testing even if your not writing your own framework.

Plack (0.9020) *****

Is it too early to highly estimate this module?
Granted that the module is a reference implementation of PSGI, and existing web frameworks that support PSGI should be used as the author says, but IMHO Plack alone is useful and sufficient, especially in testing your applications without the web frameworks. The more the number of the web frameworks that support PSGI grows, the better your applications being tested on Plack could do anywhere.
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