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Perl-Tidy (20130717) *****

This module is awesome, I regularly use it to clean up Perl code. The API can be a bit daunting at first: it has many options and flags, however reading the tutorial ( helped a lot.

If you manage a Perl project, use Perl::Tidy!

Perl-Tidy (20121207) *****

*MUST HAVE* item for Perl programmer.

Whatever your editor is, perltidy is easy to integrate with it. This module and script is mature and solid enough, so nerver mind about it's realease date. :)

Perl-Tidy (20101217) *****

I had some POD code that other parsers have a hard time processing correctly. With the formatter feature, I was able to parse and process this POD as needed. Very handy!

Perl-Tidy (20071205) *****

If you need to quickly neaten someone's Perl code, the perltidy command-line tool makes this a trivial task. The default settings are reasonable, but can easily be modified if desired.

Perl-Tidy (20090616) *****

It's very good module! With it I do not waste my time on formatting.

Perl-Tidy (20090616) **

Doesn't appear to be maintained anymore and the code is so monolithic that it's hard for anybody else to contribute.

Perl-Tidy (20070508) *****

Very useful module for a group of Perl programmers. This helps us all understand each others code since they are formatted the same way.

Perl-Tidy (20031021) *****

This module is great! Not only does it nicely format code, it does an excellent job of telling you where your syntax errors are. If you've ever spent 5 minutes looking for that unmatched brace, bracket or parenthesis--you needed Perl-Tidy.

Perl-Tidy (20031021) *****

Having inherited a few large chunks of awful Perl, I first spent an hour or two running through the code and fixing indents, newlines, and other garbage like that. It sucked the will to live out of me! People kept talking about Perl Tidy, and I kept thinking, "Great, now I can make my code look like what somebody else wants." Once I finally bothered looking at it, though, I found that it could be configured to make the code look almost exactly as I would've written it!

It's extremely configurable, and the documentation is fantastic, including a Choose Your Own Adventure-style quickstart. Every maintenance programmer needs Perl Tidy.

Perl-Tidy (20031021) *****

Perltidy is an excellent utility for indenting and reformatting Perl source code. It can also convert code to html with syntax highlighting.


Perltidy is well conceived and well implemented and this module provides a useful interface to it.