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Perl-Staff (0.03) *****

Sure, this isn't a code module. But it is a fun way to highlight the contributions of a team of people taking the time and making the effort to promote Perl at non-Perl events.

Perl-Staff (0.03) *

There's certainly precedent for non-code cpan releases (e.g. all the Cookbooks), but that doesn't mean that this one isn't an "abuse" of cpan. It would make more sense to put it up on the perl5 wiki, for example. It would also make more sense if the name specified what it actually was, e.g. "Perl::Events::Staff". I'm sure the people whose names are listed here are doing good and useful things, but they're not the first people I would think of as the "Perl::Staff".

Perl-Staff (0.03) *****

Previous comment was not a review. It is an abuse of CPAN Ratings.

And to be serious, Perl::Staff is simply yet another dist that does this sort of thing (ie. nothing but list names). It's a tradition. See Acme::CPANAuthors for another example.
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