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Path-Tiny (0.104) *****

Path::Tiny is truly awesome. The API has everything you need, and it's just so *easy* to use.

We use it extensively to replace all the file reading/writing, copying/moving, directory traversal code; it makes the code simpler and more robust - what's not to like?

Path-Tiny (0.061) *****

I really, REALLY like this module.

It makes managing files so much easier. Just opening them, reading them into a scalar or array, printing them out.

Of course it STARTED out as a true ::Tiny module but as seems to happen with those it is now not so Tiny anymore, it even has support for stuff on platforms as AIX and such.

I wrote a platform for managing Video on Demand files and had to load and process a whole lot of XML metadata files, images, and videos. I used this module extensively to crawl directories, read files and so on. It has helped me a lot writing code faster while also making my code much easier to read and maintain. Thanks a LOT for this module!

Path-Tiny (0.044) *****

Awesome module.

I can't believe this is tiny module. It has almost everything related in file and directory. It doesn't have another dependency except core modules just as you expected. And documentation is very detailed and has many examples. There is no reason not to use this module at all.
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