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Parse-CSV (2.00) **

Significantly easier to use than Text::CSV.

Unfortunately, it doesn't handle Unicode files correctly (you get a "Failed to parse row" if your data contains characters over 0x7F). RT #32223 suggests this may be due to not passing the binary flag correctly to Text::CSV_XS.

Sadly, this module hasn't been updated since 2006.

2012 update: The module did receive an update in Feb 2012, but the Unicode problem above still hasn't been fixed.

Parse-CSV (1.00) *****

I use this module a lot and have found this is the easiest way to parse CSV files. Simple to use, good documentation and fast.

Parse-CSV (0.02) *****

I tried it on a 70,000 line CSV file and it works great. Fast and easy to use. My only complaint was that I still had to load Text::CSV_XS directly to call the "combine" method, so I could spit back out a CSV row in a munged format. Seems more like a "1.0" release than an "0.02".