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PPI (1.206) *****

Very well done set of modules that help reduce our development time.

PPI (1.201) *****

I'm only a casual user of PPI via other things that use it, but I'm extremely glad for its existence. In particular, better editor support is critical for perl right now and PPI goes a long way forward on that front.

PPI (1.118) *****

Excellent concept, superbly executed and maintained.

Recently I had to add the /m flag to all regexes in a program (ghc-asm) because Perl 5.9.x removed support for the $* variable; PPI solved this problem in 5 lines. Without PPI, it would take much more work, and the result would be much more fragile.

PPI (1.118) *****

The first time I finally installed and tried using PPI, I was shocked. It was as easy to use as, say, the JavaScript DOM API, but instead of jumbling up HTML, I was scattering Perl constructs around the tree. It was fantastic, and I still find it incredibly useful, especially as the power behind Perl::Critic.

PPI (1.106) *****

I use it for my UML-editor to analyse the imported packages. It is great!

PPI (0.829) *****

It just rox! We need that a long time ago!

PPI (0.810) *****

I've been using PPI for doing the parsing of Perl in CPANXR and I must say that I'm more than satisfied with the quality of this module. The saying "only perl can parse Perl" is still true, but PPI comes in close (and hey, PPI is pure Perl). I've only used the tokenizer part (PPI::Tokenizer) so that's what I base this rating on.

Keep up the good work!