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POE (1.280) *****

An indispensable module for event-driven programming.
It makes it easy to write state-transition driven networking code and is bullet-proof and very lightweight in memory and CPU terms.
I've run it on Unix, Windows, and even on a horrible system using ActiveState Perl under Windows XP Embedded on micro hardware with Flash memory.
Excellent module.

POE (1.268) *****

POE is THE module you must use for event programming.
The code is of great quality with an extended test suite, and it works on all platforms I have access to (Linux, Win32, HP-UX).
The support is of first class quality: bugs are quickly fixed and new release occur often.
Many plugins are available to handle any kind of events you may imagine.

POE (1.003)

The concerns I voiced about the documentation in my earlier review should be ignored - it was several years ago and the documentation has been completely rewritten.

POE (1.0000) *****

The most useful Perl module distribution I've had the pleasure to use. Very neat stuff.

POE (0.9999) *****

POE is excellent for writing daemon processes in perl. It is a bit of a departure from writing standard perl code, hence my 3 rating for ease of use, but the documentation does a pretty good job in clearing it up. Once you get used to the module interfaces, and the POE capabilities, writing cooperative multithreaded applications becomes a piece of cake.

POE (0.3502) *****

POE is as lovely as it gets. Highly recommended!

POE (0.27) *****

POE is the best tool to operate with state machines.

POE (0.27) *****

This module is a work of art! With this module, my programming life has changed.

POE (0.26) *****

I love POE. I gave it a relatively low 'Easy of Use' rating because it really isn't that easy to use, I dont think. But its such a beautiful framework, and I love how it turns my flowcharts into flowcode :) I wish everything was written using POE, it would make life easier I think...Just think...POE mod_perl...yummm..

POE (0.26) *****

POE is an excellent tool for building network applications. It's power and flexibility allow one to accomplish tasks quickly and easily. Truly one of CPAN's gems.

POE (0.26) *****

POE is awesome!

It's everything I've needed and it's very easy to use.
Take a look at the cookbook on poe.perl.org/ and see for yourself.

POE (0.27) ****

POE is awesome and seems especially useful on win32 systems.

POE (0.26) *****

I'm a little biased, but POE rocks. Its the R in RAD. POE allows me to whip out applications and new frameworks in record time. There is also a great community surrounding POE which is full of ideas, heckels, and fun acronyms. :)
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