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PDL-Audio (1.2) *****

This is potentially an amazing module, and I would really love for this to work. However, there are currently some serious issues.

- Installation: I have managed to install this "sort of" on OSX, but it was a bit of a hassle. This module depends on a C library called sndlib, of which an old version comes packaged with the module. Because PDL::Audio is built against sndlib the compile and install procedure invokes the configure script of the packaged sndlib. I've had to hack this step a bit because for some reason it wants to use a preprocessor that it thinks is at /lib/cpp, instead of /usr/bin/cpp. Hopefully this can be made more portable and depend on a more recent version of sndlib.

- Configuration: I never managed to actually play audio, though writing to file works. Maybe this is just an OSX issue.

- Documentation: there are mistakes in the docs, and they are in any case completely impenetrable unless you know a decent amount of audio (DSP) processing theory as well as how PDL works. More, better documentation and more examples would be great.

- Interface: the interface is OK-ish. Basically, PDL objects are extended with DSP methods. It's good enough, though I'm trying my hand at wrapping this inside some friendlier packages so that I can build a modular synth. Toy examples of this appear to work (github.com/rvosa/synth)

- Ease of use: total headscratcher. Not at all easy.

- Overall: still love the potential. Please, please come with an update.

P.S. the other review seems to be a bit unhinged. In any case, it has nothing to do with the PDL::Audio module.
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