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Opt (0.1.1) *

Three things were good with this module:

1/ finally someone who understands that parsing options does not have to manipulate @ARGV directly.

2/ some people have real cool names

3/ the Valley of flowers looks real nice

Except those, there's nothing to keep.

It's always nice to see a new perl module author (we need more of those) but not as nice to see all the errors they make.

The name says _absolutely_ nothing and it should be under the GetOpt namespace. The documentation is no documentation. There are no tests and there's some weird reference to 'nmake'!!!

"This module can handle any command-line interface" says the documentation but I wouldn't handle the module with fireproof gloves.

I messed my first perl module miserably. It takes time and energy to do quality work. CPAN is not, IMHO, a repository for whatever 2 mn hack happends to be on you desktop. Do yourself a favor remove the module from CPAN and when you get it right , tested and documented, I'll be very happy to give you a top rating.