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Nums2Words (1.13) *****

Re Lester Hightower's self-review, please note this is not self-promotion, it is related to an ancient bug from at least three years ago which has never been fixed. See the following email, which I sent over two years ago, reporting the bug:


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Subject: CPAN ratings bug in
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Dear maintainers,

There are two bugs regarding in
which have been there for at least a year or so.

Bug #1: The number of reviews is wrong. The number of reviews given on
the page shows the number of reviews where the
reviewer has given the module a star rating. For example,

says (3 Reviews) , yet there are actually four (one without a star
rating). This is repeated for many other cases.

Bug #2: If a reviewer writes a review, adds a star rating, then
deletes the star rating again, the star rating remains on For example, see

Note there is only one review, with no stars, yet the above still
keeps the five stars that the reviewer added then removed. This is not
due to a slow update, since the stars were removed a year ago.

Ben Bullock


Given that the unfortunate one-star rating is solely due to a bug, Mr. Hightower should be forgiven for self-rating 5 stars.

Since I've already reported the bug, maybe someone else could re-report it? Thanks.

Nums2Words (1.13) *****

Disclosure: I am the author of the Lingua::EN::Nums2Words module and I rated it a 5 just to try to average out the one review from Mr. Martin that was rescinded after the 1.13 release, but that is still marked as a 1-star.

It also may be worth reading this nice article on modules that do this type of work, from Neil Bowers:

Nums2Words (1.13)

Rescinding my previous review as the module has been updated since 2006 but I haven't used it.