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Net-Twitter (4.00003) ****

Perfect and what we need to be able to operate correctly with Twitter API through Perl.

Net-Twitter (3.13008) *****

Just what you need to deal with Twitter (and

Net-Twitter (3.04002) ****

It's fairly easy to use, subject to the limitations of the Twitter API. I was able to hack a script that interfaced with it quickly.
My only grumble is that it doesn't support proxies, but I can get by without that.

Net-Twitter (2.12) *

A rather shallow and infrequently updated access to Twitter. Lots of Twitter API calls missing; and no protocol to specify what these might be. Lots of errors with get_error and its ridiculous return values (sometimes returns hashref, arrayref, scalar, etc). Overall, it's much better to implement your own Twitter calls with LWP then relying on this outdated module. I made a big mistake using this in my script, and it has caused hours and hours of headaches to get rid of it.

Net-Twitter (2.12) *****

great module! just what i needed! thank you!! :)

Net-Twitter (1.14) *****

Great stuff - does exactly what I needed, and with a clear, sane interface.

Net-Twitter (1.13) *****

It implements the Twitter API in a clear OO interface and is very well documented. My previous marks against this API for documentation issues are retracted.