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Net-Telnet (3.03) ***

Really like the interface and the documentation is not bad, but it's a little buggy. It's perfect for little one-offs and hacks, but I tried to use it prime-time and could not get it to work reliably. The cmd function was not getting the timing right and when I tried using print/waitfor I wasn't able to get the data back out with getline/getlines.

Net-Telnet (3.03)

[Review deleted pending update - sorry]

Net-Telnet (3.03) *****

If you want to remotely execute a command on a remote machine, but the machine does not support rsh, this module comes in handy!

You can automate the login process, execute the command and get the result and then finally log off.

Net-Telnet (3.03) ****

This module works splendidly and is extremely easy to use. It has most every option you could ever need and best of all--it's extremely easy to "cheat." However, the documentation is very poor--it's extremely hard to follow and I suggest at the very least a few revisions.

Net-Telnet (3.03) ****

Net::Telnet is great for quickly writing Perl which automates a human using the telnet command in a predictable way, for example tweaking the config on network switches which provide a telnet interface. I know it's wrong, but often abusing a human-oriented telnet interface like this is less hassle than dealing with the supposedly computer-oriented SNMP interface.

The docs are comprehensive -- a little _too_ comprehensive for my liking: the module is easy to use, but there's a lot of docs to wade through before this becomes apparent. A proper attempt at a 'Synopsis' would help considerably with this.

The logging facility is excellent, allowing you to easily monitor exactly what's going on in an automated telnet session without cluttering up the code with lots of debugging statements.