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Net-Proxy (0.12) *****

Simple, powerful and versatile. It was trivial to creat a new connector (Net::Proxy::Connector::tcp_balance) that allows me run a server on localhost that proxies to multiple servers (choose random, try another if first failed, ...).

Net-Proxy (0.12)

I am beginner in serious Perl programming. I needed a solution to proxy remote desktop through squid firewall. Net::Proxy module looked simple enough for me. After one day of reading and trying I created new connector to filter IP addresses of peers on IN side.

Net-Proxy (0.11) *****

My use for this distribution is pretty basic: I needed to have a program connect to an sftp server and upload tens of megabytes of data automatically, BUT no ssh was available so we had to go through a squid proxy allowing us to CONNECT to the other side on port 22. Implementing an on-demand connection with Net::Proxy took a fork() and 5 minutes (2,5 reading the doc, and 2,5 writing the code). It's stable, faster than the uplink would allow, easy to use, etc. Great stuff.