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Net-OpenSSH (0.66) *****

I'm very happy with this module. I had issues with some other Net::SSH::* modules leaving behind stale SSH sessions on legacy devices, not having support for latest AES encryption, being difficult to install, having too many dependencies, etc. The Net::OpenSSH module is a fix for all the problems in the other modules. Good job dear authors & keep the updates coming!

Net-OpenSSH (0.60) *****

The module interface is perlish enough to pick up easily and documentation is superb. Keep up the good work!

Net-OpenSSH (0.60) *****

This is GREAT. I've been trying to find a simple way to use SSH in perl, and I could not find something that 'just works'. This worked immediately and immaculately. Good job.

Net-OpenSSH (0.52) *****

This is an underappreciated module.

I was surprised to find it supported several advanced features such as connection sharing and $SSH_ASKPASS. It may take me a while to use all of the functionality it provides.

The dependency on local OpenSSH being installed is a bit of downside, but it's a tradeoff worth taking since that gives you several really useful features.

Net-OpenSSH (0.52) *****

Thanks for this great work! I tried a lot of SSH modules before Net::OpenSSH was born, but no one of the other modules was good enough for my requirements. The interface of Net::OpenSSH is great, the documentation is great and it's easy to use.

Net-OpenSSH (0.36) *****

Great Module, much better than Net::SSH::* family.
Interacts with Net::SFTP::Foreign.

Be sure to read Net::OpenSSH Vs Net::SSH::.* modules section in perldoc Net::OpenSSH.