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Net-Google-Calendar (1.05) *

Broken and won't be fixed. Needs to be removed.

Net-Google-Calendar (1.05) *

This no longer works with Google Calendar as it uses V2 of the API which has been discontinued:

Net-Google-Calendar (1.0) *****

I've built an on-call schedule dispatcher and some other Nagios tools using N::G::C and I think it's solid. Great documentation

Net-Google-Calendar (0.99) *****

I use this module to generate my invoices since I track my hours in Google Calendar. The script was easy to get working and has never let me down once!

Net-Google-Calendar (0.99) *****

This distribution covers all Google Calendar available functionality.

Very clear at first usage, very clear when detailed functionality is needed.

Net-Google-Calendar (0.95) *****

Excellent stuff. Does exactly what I wanted to do, and with a sane interface too.

I think the documentation could do with a bit of cross reference though; for instance, when mentioning that a Net::Google::Calendar::Entry object is expected or emitted, a link to the appropriate documentation would be nice. (Yes, it's easy to go find it yourself, but easier still if there's a clickable link :) )

Net-Google-Calendar (0.95) ****

First post! I'm not aware of any other module on CPAN to interact with a Google calendar. Nonetheless, this is a good module, and is recommended.

The only downside is that I found the documentation a bit confusing and lacking. For example, the "::Event" documentation does not show how to set up a date for an event. But the documentation is still complete and you can figure it out eventually.