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Net-Flickr-Backup (3.1) *****

Once I figured out all the authentication stuff it was super easy to use and I managed to back up all my Flickr photos onto my computer before I deleted them all from Flickr :-) Thanks!

4/5 for documentation because the "flickr.auth_token" configuration item was pretty tricky to figure out and the docs weren't much help. Here's some notes from when I did it in May 2012 - your mileage may vary if it is after that date when you read this ;-)


1. Create a new App

Now you have an API key and an API secret


2. Set up the App with an arbitrary callback URL

2.1 Go to your profile page's sharing page (

2.2 Click on your API key link to go to your App's page

2.3 Click through to your Backup app

2.4 On the right in the "admin" section go to "edit authentication flow"

2.5 Add any old URL


3. Authorize the App

3.1 Create config.ini with a block [flickr] that contains api_key and api_secret

3.2 Run ./

3.3 Visit the URL and authorize the App by following the instructions

3.4 Get the 'frob' parameter's value from the callback URL you end up at


4. Get an auth_token

4.1 Visit the Flickr API Explorer for flickr.auth.getToken (

4.2 Add the frob from 3.4 above and submit the form with the 'Call Method...' button

4.3 Copy the value between the <token> tags into the config.ini as flickr.auth_token


5. Set up the rest of your config.ini

Follow the instructions from the Net::Flickr::Backup POD

NOTE - the default of 'fetch_original=true' will fail if you do not have a
Flickr Pro account, as Flickr does not give you access to your original photos
unless you have a Pro account.


6. Run ./


If this or something similar could be added to the POD it would be 5/5 all the way!

Net-Flickr-Backup (2.96) ****

It was a pain to install, and then I struggled with some issues about getting it running. Now that it's going, though, I can delete my iPhoto store and just back up Flickr. I won't lose comments, notes, descriptions, tags, or anything else that I didn't have in iPhoto. What a relief!
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