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Moose-Tiny (0.04) ***

Nice joke ...

Moose-Tiny (0.04) ****

I see this module as useful, not really Acme, although it is funny, too.

The name could be better, (Moose::ObjectTiny::Migration?) but if you're migrating from Object::Tiny to Moose, this module is useful "in the middle" at least.

Moose-Tiny (0.04) *

Might be fun but it also wastes the time of those not part of the humorous elite.

Moose-Tiny (0.0.3) *

A not-quite-funny joke that belongs in Acme::.

Moose-Tiny (0.0.3) *****

This is one of the easiest ways to get the Moose seal of oo-guarantee right at the top of your code so it looks bright and shiny again.

Moose-Tiny (0.04) ***

(Bumped to three stars, as this has become a useful module for benchmarking Moose performance for a specific common use case when compared to alternative techniques)

Supreme demonstration of ironic naming.

This is quite possibly the first case of the bloated version of a module being created AFTER the ::Tiny module.

This module is perfect for when you want to use 7 megabytes of memory to create an accessor.

Moose-Tiny (0.0.1) *****

Hilarious social commentary on the absurd concept of second level namespace ownership. Nuff said.

Moose-Tiny (0.0.1) *

Not ::Tiny at all and fails at being either practical or funny.

Moose-Tiny (0.0.1) *****

I calculated that I spent more than 38 seconds a week typing the words "Object::Tiny". Now I've switched over to Moose::Tiny, and saved about 3 seconds a week! Over the course of my life, that will end up adding about 3 hours of not typing to my life. Yay.

The metaclasses are nice too.