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MongoDB (v1.4.5) *****

I'd have loved DBIx integration, though I understand why that wouldn't work out the same.

MongoDB (v0.708.4.0)

High quality

MongoDB (v0.708.3.0) *****

Great module that works well. I've used it in pretty heavy application and haven't seen any issues, I populate a database from Active Directory which has over 70,000 documents. Documentation for this module is excellent and very very useful to do the basics with Documents and Collections. I found my own (a couple actually, depending on if it is an _id object or _id string) way to lookup id's. I found it useful to create a sub called findDocumentByID which, given an _id, returned a hash ref of the Document.
I tried another MongoDB module but it was out of date and had an issue from months back unfixed.
I'm using this with Windows 32bit (I know, I know) and under Windows and Cygwin, it works well.

MongoDB (0.503.3) *****

Excellent, just what I was looking for. I was up and running in minutes.

MongoDB (0.45) *****

This is a solid and fast working module written in XS. The previous review states that it's too slow or slower than the PHP driver. My benchmarks show otherwise. It is as fast as the Ruby/PHP drivers and faster than DBI. The only problem I have is that all date objects automatically deserialize into a Datetime object, which can be slow. Use epoch time longint instead.

MongoDB (0.38) *****

I'd rather note that you need to read others due to insufficient documents of this module in the first place. It's better for you to see Mongo Documentation,, specifically Perl Tutorial; so minus one star.

Next, as of this writing, the behaviour of the module isn't stable, for example causing a segv under my circumstance with issuing "shutdown" command via run_command of MongoDB::Database. That is, the client side crashes, while the server side is safely terminated; so minus one star.

At any rate, I'd expect the improvement of the module.

As of 0.26(or 0.25?), MongoDB::Tutorial is added.
The document might become your first footing; so plus one star.

My aforementioned review referred to the version 0.26.
It's time I must update the review.

As you know, "MongoDB: The Definitive Guide" was published as well, MongoDB itself has gained wide recognition, I reckon.
I have long since been using this module, it's good quality. So, I'd like to add one more star: all in all, five stars.
Let me digress. NoSQL, which I think is a pointless term, never replaces RDBMS, or rather would fulfil RDBMS's drawbacks.

MongoDB (0.26) *****

Yes, you need to read the MongoDB documentation to use this - but that's like having to learn a bit of SQL to use DBD::mysql.

The API is very similar to the APIs in other languages but yet very "Perl-ish". It uses Moose, so it brings a good foundation to build your own abstractions on top.
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