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Module-Pluggable (3.6) ****

I have often seen Module::Pluggable abused to build overly-naive systems. Despite these atrocities, I will not blame Module::Pluggable. I've used it myself many times to build code that, surely, no one would call an atrocity. Right?

It's very useful, very easy to use, and it has just the right kind of configurability.

Module-Pluggable (2.7) *****

Very nice. Simple, Perlish, well documented, works well, provides sensible defaults while catering to particular desires. There's nothing to complain about.

Module-Pluggable (2.0) ****

This is a really useful package.

as a side note on debian all that is needed to get this working is:
libfile-find-rule-perl & libuniversal-exports-perl.