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Module-Dependency (1.86) **

I've read through Dependency.pod, the referenced README, and the examples and I'm still no closer to understanding how to use this than when I started. Where is the API? How do I define dependencies? I suppose I can go look at the tests for a clue, but this hardly seems acceptable.

I was expecting something like,

my $deps = Module::Dependency->new( this => @these, that => @those );
print join "\n", $deps->all()->as_text();

And then followed by explanations of what the all(), as_text(), and new() methods do.

Module-Dependency (1.86) ****

This is a very handy module. Stable, easy to use. I use it to generate bundles from a source tree (with PAR). My only gripe would be the long namespaces, e.g. Module::Dependency::Indexer::makeIndex. Not sure if I can import makeIndex, so maybe the documentation is a bit ambiguous too. Overall a great module, though.