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Module-CoreList (2.49) *****

"This module is golden", came to my mind, which probably translates to "godsend" in the other reviews.

It certainly has saved me numerous hours that would have been spent with research like "may we use this module and expect it to work at the customer out of the box?"

And we had no problems with our deployments by relying on this module.

Module-CoreList (2.41) *****

Wow, I was thinking the same exact "godsend" too and turns out some other reviewer already said so. Very very helpful to assist deployment and pick modules to use. I personally made a couple of command-line scripts like pm-in-core or core-since-when to save some typing.

Module-CoreList (2.12) *****

Module authors are interested to know when (or if) a module was in the core to decide what dependencies to use, and which ones to declare. You can't get any easier than "corelist Module::Foo".

It worked great for me.

Module-CoreList (2.09) *****

It does one thing, and it does it very well. More important is the fact that this one thing is really really useful and would, without this module, be really really tedious. I use "corelist" very frequently and every time I feel like I just saved fifteen minutes of searching.

Module-CoreList (1.93) *****

This module is a godsend. It's part module, part history, part slick command-line tool.

Anyone releasing modules that is concerned about backwards compatibility needs Module::CoreList.

Module-CoreList (1.91) *****

Absolutely essential for Perl module developers!